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 Cooking choices

This website contains resources for cooking and food preparations skills together with nutritional information,



        Picture recipes, Meal choices, Kitchen skills & Food safety.

        Worksheets, Colouring books & Place mats

        Spreading your food & Free foods

        Family food - eating together

        Helping kids grow & underweight adults

        Good food plate

        Australian food plate

        Problem foods

        When you have too much

        My body - Getting the right amount

        Fresh food and home cooking

        Processed & packaged foods

        Physical Activity & screen time

        Mental Health

        Keyword index & CDRO search

 Picture recipes, Meal choices, Kitchen skills & Food safety.

Picture recipes help develop independent cooking skills.

Choice cards and posters help in making choices about which ingredients can be used.

Suggestions on how to use the picture recipes & other resources can be found in:

        Easy pizza - picture recipe notes

You have a choice of 2 food plate models.

The 'Good food plate' is simpler to educate with. It is is based on the American Diabetes Association's 'Your own plate' & the World Health Organisation's food groupings.

The 'Australian Food Guide Plate' is based on the Australian Nutritional Guidelines. It is more complicated than the Good Food Plate but is consistent with Australian nutrional policies.


        Good food plate

Good food plate meal choices





        Ingredient preparation


        The Australian Food Guide Plate

Australian Food Guide Plate meal choices





        Ingredient preparation


Kitchen skills & food safety

Kitchen skills include skills needed before during and after food preparation.

        Kitchen skills

Food safety includes cross contamination and storage.

        Food safety

 Worksheets, Colouring books & Place mats

Colouring books allow people to make thier own resources and provide reinforcement for food preparation

        Colouring books



 Spreading your food & Free foods

Meal choices help you control our blood sugars and how our body works. You can find more information about spreading your food at

        Spreading your food

Free foods are foods which don't have a lot of starch or sugar (cabohydrates). They are usually low energy & protective foods.

        Free foods

 Family food

Eating together is a social family activity.

The recipes in this section are designed to feed 6 people which include a mixtrure of adults, adolescents and children.

The recipes are simple, assume the participants have basic cooking skills and use 10cm enamel mugs as measures instead of metric cups.

The emphasis is on portion sizes, costing the meal and discussing which foods people would spend the most and least on.

        Eating together




 Helping kids grow

Some children do not get the right food to thrive. Helping kids to grow provides simple and affordable food for individual children.

Meals and snacks which can help children to thrive are at

        Helping kids grow

Helping underweight adults

        Milk supplement



 Good Food Plate

The good food plate is easier to educate with as it only has 3 food groupings.

     Energy foods

     Body building foods

     Protective foods

Nutrition messages promoted by the plate:

     You must eat foods from each group every day.

     You need energy food to be active and keep fit.

     You need protective foods to keep your body healthy.

     You need protective foods to stop you becoming sick

     You need body building foods to repair your body.

     Body building foods helps adults & children grow strong.and healthy.

     Mums who are going to have a baby need good food healthy food.



        Food plates

        Good food plate posters

        Protect yourseff posters






 Australian food guide plate

The Australian food guide plate shows you how much of each food group you should eat every day.

The Australian food guide plate is harder to educate with as it 5 food groupings.

     Cereal Foods




     Meat, Seafood and vegetable protein like legumes & nuts

Nutrition messages promoted by the plate:

     You should eat mostly cereal & vegetable foods.

     You should eat protein (Body building) foods

     You should eat dairy foods which are good for your bones..

     Eat fruit & 'FREE' vegetables which protect and stop you becoming sick.



        Australian food plates posters

 Problem foods

Problem foods either contain too much saturated fat, sugar and salt. They should't be eaten all the time. You should try your best not to have too much of these foods. Although you can't completely remove all of them from your diet.

You can find information about these foods and drink at:

        Fats & fat chemistry

        Sugar & sugar drinks







 What is enough?

Different people need different amounts




When you have too much or too little











 My body & Getting the right amount

You can become sick if you don't get enough of foods which contain certain minerals or vitamins. If you are sick you may need to eat more of some foods. Anaemia is an example which affects women, adolescent girls & young children.

        Anaemia - Not enough iron

Other problems when you don't get enough


Cells in my body

 Fresh food & home cooking

Fresh plant foods should form the most important part of your diet. They protect your body and give you energy.

Small amounts of fish and meat to give you protein to help repair and build your body.

This year suggestions for what you can grow will be included with the picture recipes


Suggestions for what you can grow.


Good nutritious food has been shown to help prevent depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease. Eating food which has lots of fruit and vegetables will help your mind and how you feel.


Chronic diseases, which includes diabetes, are associated with being overweight, lack of physical actitvity and poor food choices. Weight loss is beyond the scope of this website but the picture recipes will give you examples of healthy meals you can cook for yourselves.

 Processed & packaged food


The Australian & New Zealand governments have introduced a Health Star Rating is designed to help you choose foods which have been processed and packaged.

The examples used in these resources do not refer to actual brands.

The resources are an educational tool which allows you to talk about different foods and how they would be rated. This will help people make choices using the rating system.

It will also show why some foods are in the Problem Foods (only eat occasionaly) part of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

        Star rating packaged food

        Star rating problem foods




 Being active & screen time

Moving more and sitting less is important no mater what your age.

        Physical activity - children

        Physical activity - adolescents

        Physical activity - adults & elderly









 Keyword index & CDRO search

CDRO stands for Chronic Disease Resources Online.

The Keyword index allows you to search the CDRO database for resources.

        Keyword index

The CDRO search lets you search for images and resources in the CDRO database.

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