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 Cooking choices

Resources for Cooking Choices are currently available free under an Australia - Health Purpose - Personal Licence, which is attached to each resource.

        Purpose & use of resources

Suggestions on how to use the picture recipes and cards can be found at:

        Easy pizza - picture recipe notes


Picture Recipes





Kitchen skills, food preparation & food safety

        Kitchen skills

        Food safety

        Ingredient preparation

Family food

        Eating together

        Helping kids grow

        Underweight adults

Food groups

        Australian food plate

Food problems

        Fats & fat chemistry

        Sugar & sugar drinks


Too much or not enough

        Anemia lack of ron

Fresh, processed & packaged foods

        Star rating packaged food

 Purpose & use of resources

The resources are designed to help develop basic cooking and food preparation skills. They can be used by Australians of all ages

Chronic Disease Resources Online (CDRO) created the resources initially in a partnership with Apunipima (Cape York Health Council). The participation of the local children from the communities in the Cape was essential to the development of the resources and the CDRO wishes to thank them for their input.


All resources on this website are subject to copyright and may only be used for 'Personal Use', under the licence attached to each resource. No resource may be used after the expiry date of the licence or outside the licence's terms.


Facilitators and anyone using these resources must rely their own professional judgement as to how the resources are used


The CDRO has endeavoured to provide accurate and evidence based information, however it is your responsibility (as a user of a resource) to check any information you may rely on for any 'Health Purpose', when using the resources on this website.